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Ryanair must change!

Ryanair makes huge profits because of our hard work, keeping the passengers safe and happy. But the company will never give us anything without a fight. To get what we want, we have to be many and stand united, in Germany and in Europe #cabincrewunited #rightsatryanair

01.12.2023 Mehr Geld und bessere Arbeitsbedingungen für Flugbegleiter bei Ryanair in Deutschland erzielt – Mitbestimmung wird dennoch erschwert
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Engagement pays off

Ryanair strike, Berlin 2018

ver.di alongside Ryanair cabin crew since 2012

Cabin crew at Ryanair are joining together in ver.di to demand change at Ryanair in Germany and across Europe. By uniting in ver.di, cabin crew at Ryanair are joining the largest and most powerful aviation union in Germany. Ver.di is the only union with a proven track record of winning real cabin crew victories at low-cost carriers. For many years we have been fighting for better working conditions, fair remuneration and respect for all cabin crew!

From Lisbon to Berlin

In 2018, cabin crew have shown their real strength across the network: a real movement was born that culminated in a powerful international strike! Hundreds of cabin crew, from Lisbon to Berlin, from Barcelona to Rome have come together and demanded more rights at Ryanair! ver.di is the only union working within the European and international networks. We recognise the importance of international solidarity and we work closely with other unions and cabin crew across Europe. Ryanair is a multinational company therefore, cabin crew also need a union capable of developing international strategies.

Our demands

Without unions, the world would look different today. Many working and living conditions that are now taken for granted have been enforced by trade unions – we want to secure and develop these conditions. For this reason we need a strong foundation of members, including you.

Fair living wage

Ryanair makes billions, every single year. It can afford to do better for its cabin crew. You have the right to live with dignity. ver.di has proved at EasyJet that low-cost carriers can have good wages and working conditions for cabin crew and still be profitable.

Guaranteed steady income

Aircrew Alliance and ver.di’s goal is to make sure that, no matter how many flying hours you have, your salary is there to meet your needs. Through collective labour agreements, we lay the rules for a guaranteed income all year round: in the summer but also in the winter months when you might fly less.

Seniority pay

Aircrew Alliance and ver.di believe that loyal cabin crew should be compensated for their hard work! Seniority pay was and will always be one of our main demands. Ryanair is constantly hiring new recruits, but there are many experienced cabin crew working long-term for the company. We fight for your right to get paid according to your position and years of service.

Steady employment

Ryanair promotes precarious jobs through the use of agency employment. Job insecurity puts cabin crew in unnecessary stress and anxiety. Ryanair uses this model to create an environment of fear and obedience. With ver.di you are fighting for stable employment, long term contracts and the end of insecurity.

Sickness leave and pay

ver.di fought hard for the implementation of German law for cabin crew, putting an end to years of illegal unpaid sickness. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to transparency in payments and information about your rights. The fear culture around sickness needs to stop: nobody should be afraid of being sick, you need to be fit to fly in order to perform your duties safely!


Sales are the foundation of Ryanair, it is their business model and we understand that. But the bullying culture needs to stop: cabin crew’s safety should be the priority! Sales are also the main performance criteria for everything from promotions to transfers. We want a fair and transparent sales system, where cabin crew work together instead of against each other.

Works Council

After we legally fought for the right to a works council in 2018, we now also have to elect the works council. We are fighting with the Aircrew Alliance and ver.di for the establishment of a works council. This project only works with all cabin crew. Let’s get started.

Laws to protect your rights

We are a powerful voice for workers both on and off the job. We win collective labour agreements, we help create and advise works council elected by all employees, and we protect each worker’s individual rights by giving legal aid and advice. We also inform the public about the importance of unions, and we fight at the local, national and international level for laws to protect employees’ rights.
I always felt the urge to speak up and fight against the things that did not seem right or not fair to me. Also, I think we need to build a better future not only for us, but also for our future generations of cabin crew. Because of this I’m a member of ver.di and the Aircrew Alliance. Susana Lang González Flugbegleiterin, Tarifkommission, Ryanair

You’ll never walk alone

Andrea Nahles ehemalige Bundesministerin für Arbeit und Soziales Ich bin Patin für die ver.di-Tarifkommission, weil Tarifverträge, das Streikrecht und die Mitbestimmung auf gleicher Augenhöhe zu den elementaren Grundlagen unseres Landes zählen und alle Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer darauf Anspruch haben müssen.
Kevin Kühnert
Kevin Kühnert stellv. Bundesvorsitzender SPD Ich bin Pate für die ver.di-Tarifkommission bei Ryanair, weil die Beschäftigten hier stellvertretend für uns alle zeigen können, dass Belegschaft, Gewerkschaft und Politik gemeinsam sehr wohl mächtiger sein können, als ein international agierendes Unternehmen. Und weil ich als Fluggast nicht von Menschen betreut werden möchte, die ausgebeutet werden, sich krank zur Arbeit schleppen müssen und in massiver finanzieller Unsicherheit leben.

Weitere Unterstützer:innen

Sigmar Gabriel ehemaliger SPD-Vorsitzender Bettina Wilhelm Landesfrauenbeauftragte und Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats des Flughafens Bremen Susanne Lambrecht Landesfrauenbeauftragte und Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats des Flughafens Bremen Justus Gorzle Landesfrauenbeauftragte und Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats des Flughafens Bremen

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