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Fly with us… into unemployment… We reject this motto! easyJet in Germany is about to cut its workforce in half. We can’t accept that. We wrote history in Europe. We have achieved great success as ver.di aircrews! The Aircrew Alliance will continue this tradition. Let’s establish your collective bargaining standards together in the world of the LCC. Let us stand united cockpit and cabin. Together with you, we want to strengthen easyJet in Germany and further expand your combat strength. We are the only flight company in which the PV cockpit and cabin are in charge. We are the only airline in which union work comes from a single source. Let us use this strength and look to the future together, fight the crisis and come out stronger!

Trade unions connect us across companies and only together can we give our interests the pressure that is needed to achieve the best. Tony Kuschel Purser, PV chairman cabin / cockpit, bargaining committee, Easyjet Germany
09.06.2022 EZY: Easyjet cabin crew warning strike tomorrow
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Engagement pays off

Poster campaign #generationunemployment

At the last company meeting, which took place at the end of August, we showed that we cannot simply accept their unreasonable demands! We want to draw attention to our situation with a whole series of posters. Halving our base is not a solution! Would you like to have the poster series and protest with us? Then you can download it using the download button below.

Take Action at the Bundestag

Protest at Bundestag

Shortly after the announcement of the downsizing, we went to the Bundestag in Berlin together with employees of all airlines represented in Germany to protest. We’re not being fooled. We are skilled professionals and we enjoy working at easyJet too. Let’s keep fighting together.

09.06.2022 EZY: Easyjet cabin crew warning strike tomorrow
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