EZY: shame on you!

25.05.2022 Eilmeldung

Your way is wrong #easyjet

As a crew, we do our good and important work every day. We ensure security and profit. We went through the Corona crisis with the company. Are we supposed to be bleeding out again? Shame on you! Be ashamed of the announcement that you want to terminate up to 275 colleagues. Be ashamed of further reducing our base at BER. Shame on you for treating your loyal employees like that.

We demand a rethink! We have fully booked aircraft. We have good booking numbers. We want a future with the company – and not be sacrificed for the company to save on fees.

Download our Poster: https://verkehr.verdi.de/++file++5f64dbf88048a8d50b42813d/download/Plakate.zip


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