EZY: letter from the ePG to Stephen Hester and the Board of Directors

06.04.2022 Eilmeldung

Dear Colleagues, Dear ver.di-members,

Please find enclosed the letter which got sent to the easyJet Chair of the Board, Mr Stephen Hester, and our Board of Directors on Tuesday, 05th April.

It is a joint communication signed by Trade Unions across the network and clearly expresses the worrying concerns these unions have regarding the ability of easyjet to cope with the challenges of the upcoming summer season.

It is the unions‘ firm belief that network-wide, crewing levels have been eroded and are thus insufficient to allow for a stable and profitable operation during the summer months.

ver.di and other unions strongly believe that instead of trying to second crew to other bases or activating the “Willing to Fly”-button e.g. in Germany, it would much rather be appropriate to return to more conservative crewing levels – e.g. offer additional pilots a return to full-time and increase efforts to hire additional cabin staff.

The 2022 summer season will inevitably be crucial for the long-term development and profitability of this company and should not be put at risk following an intention to “over-optimize” the business.

Kind regards

Your TK Cockpit

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