MAY: one special request from Malta…

04.01.2022 Eilmeldung

Dear colleagues, dear cabin crew,

The Malta Air management approached us with the request to extend the short-time working. The management justifies this with the lower production figures of the Ryanair Group due to the COVID virus variant.

We have taken note of the request and, for our part, have sent a comprehensive questionnaire to the management today. For us, the desire for short-time work is currently incomprehensible. Among other things, we queried the actual production figures, sick leave, the use of temporary workers, irregularities in pay slips and overtime balances. We will review and assess the arguments after management has answered.

At this point we would like to ask you how you perceive the current workload. Please tell us your current assessment by 21 January at the latest at . You are welcome to write down wishes, thoughts and fears there. We would like to work with you to work on this request from the management. We will also inform your guardians in politics about this development and ask for comments.

Let’s get stronger together and stop being annoyed by management. As a cabin crew, we do a lot every day to ensure that the business works – we deserve respect and recognition for this.

Stay healthy, stay strong and above all stay brave!
ver.di Bargaining Committee

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