EZY: open letter from ALL easyjet unions

03.03.2021 Eilmeldung

To all members of the AMB,
To all Cabin Crew around the network,

This open letter comes from ALL the Trade Unions’ representing the Cabin Crew
Members of the easyJet network.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the aviation industry, more than anyone could
ever have imagined. The pandemic led to a dramatic drop on consumer confidence and
flight demand. Nearly one year in this scenario and we continue to rebuild our Company
to come out of this stronger than ever.

Before COVID-19, there was open communication and a constructive relationship
between easyJet and Trade Unions. Nearly one year into this situation and this
relationship has weakened. The Trade Unions, representing the Cabin Crew Community,
always wanted (and wants) its’ best for the community but also for the Company to
strive so we could all maintain strong and save as many jobs as possible.

Throughout this year, we have seen many changes in the Company and around our
network. Bases have closed, redundancies have been made alongside other business
decisions that easyJet claims to be for the future of the Company. easyJet has to act in
a social responsible manner to protect the employees and their jobs.

Whilst we do not disagree that changes have to happen to survive such a crisis, we agree
that the engagement with the Employee Representative Bodies should’ve been strongly
considered and maintained as it was previously.

With this, on the 28th January, all Trade Unions’ requested a meeting with easyJet with
the objective to re-open the communication with both parties and allow the Trade
Unions to share their genuine concern of the lack of engagement with the Employee
Representative Bodies. Being the main goal to be able to work together in a constructive

After re-sending the e-mail, a reply came in and our request for a meeting was rejected and we quote: “we don’t believe it is appropriate to do so with these important but informal bodies at this time.”

This response was very very disappointing and not expected from a Company who’s pledge has always been “open and upfront” and “in it together”. But how can we expect improvement and a constructive path if the only transnational information and consultation body – EWC – isn’t informed about such changes? Bearing in mind that we are still waiting, since last summer, for the official opinion and statement of the EWC, something impossible to have if the Company doesn’t provide the information package needed.

How do we work constructively if the Company refuses to meet us in a quick conference call? We are all aware of the workload present due to the constant changes and regulations in each country and department but please DO NOT tell us that there is no 30 min window available.
On the 25th & 26th March 2019 an easyJet Industrial Relations Conference took place in Luton. May we remind all that were present that easyJet stated that the ambition of this conference was to demonstrate easyJets’ commitment to their employee’s representatives and their organisations. Stating also that this Conference was a two-way interaction, with an opportunity for all to tell easyJet what’s good, not good, feel heard and confident that they’re doing something about it. Many members of the Company spoke, including our CEO Johan Lundgren. It was a cooperative Conference and lead to a constructive working environment. We believe what is happening now is a big step back from what was said in the IR Conference in 2019. We must re-establish this. This huge crisis we are facing now due to COVID-19 must be a time where the communication between both parties is most important. These conferences were an initiative from easyJet, taking in as a commitment for a regular basis, part of the IR Plan, and, due to COVID-19, instead of re-enforcing this commitment, it went the opposite way.
We are aware that communication flows better in some Trade Unions’ than others but we are here today as a WHOLE, although being individual Unions’, TOGETHER in solidarity to express our concerns regarding the lack of engagement with the Employee Representative Bodies. It’s disappointing how easyJet prefers to speak to the Trade Unions’ individually without promoting a group discussion to discuss and express common topics for all, like we used to do with the IR Conferences.

We want to work constructively with easyJet and make this Company strive!
All together and not each party working for itself.


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