DHA: Update bargaining committee and next steps

DHA: Update bargaining committee and next steps

28.05.2022 Eilmeldung

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to give you an update regarding of our actual situation.

After few months working behind the scenes, setting up the legal aspects to create a new union in this new company, here comes the time to notify the DHA management that ver.di is representing the trade union interests of its members and ask for an initial meeting together with your former CC representatives.

In the meantime, we are also preparing the set up for the election of a so-called “ver.di Tarifkommission” (Bargaining committee)

In order to be prepared for future negotiations. The union bargaining committee has the following tasks:

  • establishment of claims for collective bargaining
  • negotiating collective agreements
  • acceptance or rejection of negotiation results
  • declaring the failure of negotiations
  • cancellation of existing collective agreements
  • application for industrial action measures to the ver.di Federal Executive Board
  • Conclusion of collective agreements

The bargaining committee will elected by all ver.di-members only.

As already mentioned in our March update, there is a dual system of corporate advocacy in Germany. A bargaining committee does not replace a Works Council that is responsible for the „daily things“ and has enshrined co-determination rights. The establishment of a Works Council should then be the logical further step.

As you know, this is the time we need to be united in order to maintain what we brought from our past and change the rest for good. The stronger we are, the more we can achieve together! So, if you would like to join ver.di, becoming a member is very easy, have a look at our page translated in many languages!

Best regards

Elisabetta Nobili, Pieter Deridder and Holger Rößler (ver.di)